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I can’t recall exactly when I fell in love with creating & building, it must have been as cliché as “it was just in my blood”.  My earliest memories find me building, imagining and creating.  I remember scouring the farmhouse I grew up in and the surrounding property for odd pieces of whatever I could find; wood, metal scraps, plastic tubing, bolts, etc, that could be used to assemble something useful or beautiful.   But my real passion was born when I put a pencil to paper & the power to create worlds, share what inspires me, and tell a story was realized. 


Since my youth, art has been the only craft that made sense to me. I was captivated by great artists such as Arthur Rackham and Alan Lee and I yearned to create the way they did.  As I grew, my circle of influence grew and I fell in love with Willam Bouguereau, William Waterhouse, and Alphonse Muche to name a few.

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